Favorite Resources on Discernment

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Discern It! App
Novena for Discovering God’s Will for You

This wonderful little app is a novena that provides the perfect atmosphere for deepening your vocational discernment, to understand how God is calling you to love.

Discern It! is set up with four elements to use each day to deepen our vocational discernment:

1. a beautiful invitation from Jesus
2. a Scripture passage in which we can receive God’s light and guidance on our spiritual journey of drawing closer to him, along with a reflection geared specifically for those discerning their vocation
3. journal questions that can help us to grow in our self-knowledge and discernment
4. suggested concrete actions we can take each day

This app is free for the Year of Consecrated Life. You can find the links to download it here.


DiscernmentRupnikDiscernment–Acquiring the Heart of God
by Marko Ivan Rupnik, SJ

This is my absolute favorite, most complete book on discernment that I have ever read.

From the back cover:
More than simply a tool for making decisions or a method for mastering God’s will, discernment is a process by which we learn how to remain in Christ, taking on his stance toward life, allowing him to inspire and direct our everyday choices. Precisely because it is an art of communication between persons, discernment cannot be reduced to a psychological technique for running our spiritual lives; rather, it is rooted in relationship.

Jesuit priest Marko Ivan Rupnik blends the wisdom of ancient Church fathers collected in the volumes of the Philokalia with the keen insights of Renaissance giant Ignatius of Loyola, liberally sprinkled with present-day examples. The result is a book of spirituality both eminently practical and lyrically enticing.


  • Discernment as relationship with God.
  • Understanding temptation.
  • How to surrender to Christ.
  • Practicing discernment.
  • Discernment one’s vocation.
  • Discernment in community.

Available at or any Pauline Books & Media Center in the USA or Toronto, Canada.     0-8198-1882-8    $16.95 USD




Discerning the Will of God: An Ignatian Guide to Decision Making
by Timothy M. Gallagher, OMV

A wonderful source of practical wisdom for seeking to live God’s will in your life, based on the writings of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Full of examples and stories, Father Timothy Gallagher makes the wisdom of Saint Ignatius of Loyola accessible to the everyday person.

Available at any Pauline Books & Media Center in the USA or Toronto, Canada, and online at is a wonderful website and app (iPhones and Androids) that offers podcasts, conferences, and videos on the spiritual life. Includes audio and video retreats. Father Timothy Gallagher, OMV, has a series of talks here, as well as others.


More resources to come.





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