Discernment @ the Movies

Films, like all great art, can offer us insight on certain aspects of life. A number of recent films have illustrated the art of discernment. As I mention them in the blog, I’ll try to post a guide for watching the film in the light of the theme of discernment.

MoanaBookletSize (booklet size)

Moana Discernment@MoviesFullPage (full page size)




EntertainingAngelsCoverEntertaining_Angels_Discernment@MoviesGuide (booklet size)

Entertaining_Angels_Discernment@Movies_Fullpage (full page size)




InsideOut Discernment@Movies Guide (full page)

InsideOut 2fold Discernment@Movies Guide (booklet size)



Spider-Man2DVDresizeSpider-Man2 Discernment@MoviesGuide (booklet size)

Spider-Man2 Discernment@MoviesFullPage (full page size)



AmazingGrace Discernment@MoviesFullPage(full page size)

AmazingGrace Discernment @ the Movies 2fold (booklet size)


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