blurredbackground.jpgCo-Author Your Life with God: A Spiritual, Personal, and Practical Approach to Discernment is intended to be an interactive, accessible exploration about discernment as a spiritual art that helps us the everyday Catholic discover and live God’s will.

The blog was created to celebrate the beginning of the Year of Consecrated Life, with the intention that eventually, it will become a book published by Pauline Books & Media. The Co-Author Your Life with God blog will explore the foundational principles of discernment, address obstacles to daily discerning God’s call, and encourage confidence in God’s loving Providence for our lives.

Blogger/author Sr. Marie Paul Curley, fsp, hopes to make discernment accessible to any Catholic by using a storytelling approach: the principles of discernment presented through the lens of seeing our lives as stories, with the Holy Spirit co-authoring the story of our lives with us. CoauthoryourlifewithGod.com includes reflections, journal questions, examples from popular films and the lives of the saints, and other suggestions for how to practice the spiritual art of discernment in daily life, as well as a special section for young adult Catholics discerning their vocations, and resources for any Catholic facing a major decision.

With the new blog, the Daughters of Saint Paul seek to support each person’s vocational discernment to all states in life (including consecrated life), as well as living out the call to holiness within our God-given vocation.

The Daughters of Saint Paul are an international congregation of women religious who seek to communicate Christ through their lives and through all forms of media. Founded by Blessed James Alberione, the Daughters of Saint Paul are present in over 50 countries.


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